Note #2

Note to self #2: Make this.


What does this mean? O___O

“Toily…?  Is that the sound of my heart ripping? ”

“No.  That’s mine.”

“I.. I’m scared”

“Don’t be.”

“I don’t think I’m gonna make it”

“I got you.”

“Don’t let go o..ok?”

“Never, even if we go down in a massive storm of meteors, mudslides, acid rain, and a never-ending whirlpool that leads to who-knows-where.”

“Toily… have you done this before?”

“Uh, yeah, I’m recycled”

“Ew, let go of my hand, Toily!”



“Toily.  I love you.”

Note 1

I’ve decided to put this blog to good use.  It will be used to save my clip notes.

Note to self.  Save vid.  6:50-7:20

xD Watch the match after that too; it’s worthwhile.

Boo’s Crush

Hey Boo, look what I found.  *grins*  YOUR CRUSH! 8D Remember the model from BoF whol liked Jan Di? (Jung Eui-chul.)  He’s in a skit with Heechul.  They’re trying to mock Jong Kook’s “Lovable”.  Lol, I love how sarcastic Heechul is, he acts so serious too. xD  Anyways, yours is the one your left-hand side.   Is he still pretty?  O  w  O




Ok, so you know how lately, I’ve been into korean shows again?  I found another goldmine of entertainment in the form of Heechul (HEE CHUL- weird name, huh?-  totally fits him though).  At first I wondered what was so entertaining about him.  Half the time he looked like a girl.  That was funny for a little bit, but for some reason, I kept watching.  He was on the X Man too; some of his comebacks we funny, but I don’t think all of them were.  Then it hit me!  It’s how arrogant he is that’s entertaining!  He’s so full of himself, but he backs it up pretty well.  After a while, he becomes better looking (don’t be deceived by the pic, he has plenty of bad angles).  Idk, there’s something entertaining about funny people who are good looking.  If you google heechul, you’ll see that usually he’s actually not good looking from a bunch of views.  However, from some angles, he has a rather dashing face.  Here’s a couple vids (enough to entertain you, but not so much that you’ll want to steal him).

I have lots of entertaining people in my list now 😀  Tier 1: Hyun Joong Kim, Michael Jackson, Elmo.   Tier 2: Heechul, Billy Joe Armstrong, Jackie Chan, Yoon Eun Mye.

Yoon Eun Hye

Omg, I was watching X-Man (not X-men, losers, you guy suck, it’s a Korean show where celebs play the best games), because Hyun Joong Kim is in like 20 episodes or something, right?  Then I discovered another great Korean, Yoon Eun Hye.  She’s the cutest thing ever, and not like the cheesy fake cute, but like, she’s funny and cute!  I wouldn’t even mind if HJK got together with her, she’s THAT cool.  Of course, HJK, if youre reading this, that’s totally an exaggeration, I mean, like, she’s not THAT cool, but if you had to pick someone besides me, you know, ok then- but makes sure I’m dead first, k?   What makes her so cute, you wonder?

  <This guy (Joong Kook).

To me and you he may seem like just a weirdly shaped old guy, but together they’re the cutest couple I’ve seen!  I want to be like that when I find someone [hint, hint, HJK, if you’re reading this : ) ]  In the show she’s so brave in defending him, it’s so cute!  I do realise that I’ve saicute a lot in this post, but idk how else to describe it.  Here’s a little bit of the show:

(You gotta copy and paste it b/c Idk why it won’t work.)

(My favorite parts are when she says “Please don’t” and holds the girl’s arm, and then when she says “Yeah, but can you do this?” xD

P.S.  Dw Hyun Joong Kim, you’re still #1! 😀

Pommy Results!

Hey guys! The long awaited results are up! *SFX* Dadadaddadadadadadadadadada Babababababababab Bleeep Bloop Blop Blimp Chachachacha Gitchigitchigitchiyayahaha (drumroll)… The results are based on this: If you had the highest votes for any of the puppies, that was your puppy, and your votes for any of the other puppies were removed. e.g. If you won two of the polls, the one with the highest votes was chosen for you, and the other puppy was given to the next highest amount of votes. Two puppies are yet to be decided. We are doing re-votes for the ones that had the highest counts. Please Enjoy!

Rabid A.K.A “Lassie” -by 2/6 votes-
I wanted this dog to begin with. But after thinking about it, I realized, the name fits you more. It is in fact not the free-spirited dog I once thought it to be. Looking closely it seems more as if it’s ready to bite someone and give him/her rabies.

Katie A.K.A “Blackie” -by 6/7 votes-
Pure racism in its highest form. I even hinted at the Kpop one by naming it Kpop. Other than being black I see no resemblance. Don’t feel bad black puppy, we’ll get them back! (Glad I dodged the ugly one though >___>’ phew).

Boo A.K.A “Pommy” -by request (Yes you can do requests)-
I think your pommy evolved! or maybe it ate someone O__O

Dash A.K.A “Spudgey” -tied 2 for 2 against boo; won because boo had higher votes for poof poof-
You don’t want a big-headed dog, it’ll make you look big-headed. Maybe you should trade for the black one.

Carrie A.K.A “Kpop” -by 4/7 votes-
Oh man Carrie, you don’t know how lucky you are. All the Kpop girls get plastic surgery just to look like that dog!

Ail A.K.A.”Legs” -by 4/7 votes-
I seriously have no clue how you got this Ail. I still don’t see it.

Andy A.K.A “Bleck” -by 3/5 & 2/6 votes-

Sweet! You got hit by the black plague too! VICTORY!

Miyu A.K.A. “Bum” – by 4/4 & 2/6 votes-

Like Kim Bum.  Cool! Grats, miyu!

Let’s say goodbye to the unfortunate few who did not make it.  We’ll miss you dearly, especially you, TonTon.


Abused Minority

Poof Poof

(I couldn’t find the original pic)




Ton Ton

Thank you for participating! Your time is very much appreciated here at TheChubbit. Again, please send all complaints to Miyu. Have a good day! 😀