I got my fortune read today, by a very trustworthy person.  It said:

Katie is married to  hyum Joonh Kim, is a dentist, makes 300k, car is Lamborgrhini, and has a pet monkey and lives in a house…

I was like WHOA!  How did they know?  That’s EXACTLY what’ll happen!  So now I’m just waiting for Hyun Joong Kim to pick me up in his Lamborghini.  O   3   O


7 comments on “MASHO

  1. mooimmapiggy says:

    Are you sure you didn’t CHEAT?

  2. thechubbit says:

    POSITIVE. I guess it was just meant to be O____O ❤

  3. boothewho says:


  4. Carebear says:

    He is kind of cute….but! She didn’t cheat!! and Your Welcome >_> lol

  5. boothewho says:

    This picture is insanely big.

  6. thechubbit says:

    Of course, so I can see it!

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