Ok, so you know how lately, I’ve been into korean shows again?  I found another goldmine of entertainment in the form of Heechul (HEE CHUL- weird name, huh?-  totally fits him though).  At first I wondered what was so entertaining about him.  Half the time he looked like a girl.  That was funny for a little bit, but for some reason, I kept watching.  He was on the X Man too; some of his comebacks we funny, but I don’t think all of them were.  Then it hit me!  It’s how arrogant he is that’s entertaining!  He’s so full of himself, but he backs it up pretty well.  After a while, he becomes better looking (don’t be deceived by the pic, he has plenty of bad angles).  Idk, there’s something entertaining about funny people who are good looking.  If you google heechul, you’ll see that usually he’s actually not good looking from a bunch of views.  However, from some angles, he has a rather dashing face.  Here’s a couple vids (enough to entertain you, but not so much that you’ll want to steal him).

I have lots of entertaining people in my list now 😀  Tier 1: Hyun Joong Kim, Michael Jackson, Elmo.   Tier 2: Heechul, Billy Joe Armstrong, Jackie Chan, Yoon Eun Mye.


10 comments on “HEECHUL

  1. mooimmapiggy says:

    I think he’s nice looking! . . . except for when he looks like a girl! 8D
    Most of your posts are like Korean guy/girl related O____O You’re gonna have like a whole gallery of Korean celebrities later.

  2. Carebear says:

    He is cute…but not his eyes XDD

  3. Boo says:

    Am I the only one who was like staring inside his mouth for like 5 min? O____O

  4. dash-cohen says:

    Funny but I think the wrong person won?

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