Yeah.. I’m gonna get a new logo soon.  Deathwish, as the name implies, is about a wish to die. More specifically, the main girl’s wish to die (well, I guess it’s not so specific since I have no name for her yet).  Usually if someone wants to commit suicide they would do it right away, Girl however has not committed suicide in the past 10 years that she has been planning to.  She is a devout Catholic, who, despite wanting to die, still wants to go to heaven.  Maybe Hell’s too hot for her?  Pampered much?  Either way, Kaz, the son of Satan, himself is going to give her a visit to make sure she goes through with it this time.  However, Kaz is not alone.  Lyon, his right-hand man, made a deal with the devil, saying that he could kill the girl first. Who will kill her first?  Read to see what tricks these two hitmen have up their sleeves.



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Name meaning: Combustible material; Support for burial

Character info:

– Very upfront

– Likes to look down on people

– Vain

– Greedy

– Attracted to valuables and power

– Hates sucking up to people, but “has to” do it to get what she wants



Name meaning:  Powerful


Character info:

– Puts on make-up in the morning with Lyon

– Follows Kaz around

– (You woudn’t know it but he’s vain too)

– Likes sweets

– His voice in my head is like the deep voice of Mike from Kirby

– An oddball in general

– Specialty move: Self sacrifice


At 12:00pm, my new characters will be posted.  Yes the name was from Death note originally.  Yes, the hair is weird ( I was zoomed in when I made it, when I zoomed out they were like that.  I’ll fix them in the actual manga. Gotta keep this short so it posts before my characters.  Enjoy!

Edit- Dangit, I was too late! There’s 5 of them, guys!



  Name meaning:  Destroyer of peace, also a derivative of the name “Cassius” who was one of the leaders of the plot to kill Julius Caesar

Character info:

– The son of the devil

– Big fan of Kpop

– Germophobe

– Vain

– Hates to lose

– Not afraid to hit a girl



Name meaning:  This is not her name.  I haven’t thought of one yet.

Character info:

– At first glance she make look stupid, but it’s more that she doesn’t really care about life anymore

– Suicidal

– Has been suicidal for 10 years though

– The thing that’s stopping her? She’s devoutly Catholic and killing herself would send her to Hell

– Weirdly goes along with random plans

– This is the main target to kill


  Talios/ Lyon (I haven’t decided yet):

Name meaning:  From “lex talionis” or “an eye for an eye”

Character info:

– Has a prince complex where he thinks everyone is in love with him

– Wears make up

– Vain

– Goal in life is to obtain Kaz’s ring

– Wears a poison-tipped dagger around his neck for the sole purpose of obtaining this ring

– Is the side character in the main story, but the main character in this one