I was looking through my saved pics for manga reference when I found a couple of weird ones.  Well… You know that feeling you get, when someone you know does something really embarrassing  and you’re like right there, and you witnessed it, and people associate you with the person, and you’re not really sure what to do but you like kinda wish that you didn’t know that person for that second because of what they said?  YEAH BOO AND MIYU, I’M TALKING ABOUT YOU TWO AND YOU CAN’T DENY IT BECAUSE THESE ARE MY SCREENIES! BA-BAM!


Here’s Miyu harassing guild mates AGAIN:  (Man, she does this everytime she’s drunk, I could only put this one up b/c the rest are X-rated.) 


This one you think is b/c of Shane, but read what boo says:

“Shet my pwet”, Boo?  Really? REALLY!? >: (  THE SHAME. SHAME ON YOU TWO; you make me look bad!


16 comments on “Shame

  1. mooimmapiggy says:

    You told me to say that! (it even says so right there)
    and I keep laughing at the second one! XD

    You actually take pics? >____> I used to, but I keep losing them anyways.

  2. Boo says:


  3. Aililll says:

    You have blackmail pictures of me too??? WHAT HOW I never say anything weird

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