Devil May Cry

I’ve never played this game- nor do I think I ever will, but the characters look crazy awesome! I wish I could make characters like these one day.  Seeing ones like these,the Final fantasy ones, and like DNAngel make me feel depressed when I draw.  It’s like they’ll never be like these ones O___O

Also, is this game for girls or boys?  Why would they make such pretty guys if it was for boys?  They’re clearly posing in these pics.


9 comments on “Devil May Cry

  1. Boo says:

    I know this game. This is Dante. This is a yaoi. Rated M for mature.

  2. mooimmapiggy says:

    I’ve wanted to play this because it looks so awesome! Don’t you remember that one game with the ps2 and xbox release? xbox-MANLY BUFF MAN ps2-scrawny pretty boy

  3. Aililll says:

    OH MAN this game is AWESOME. It has the BEST soundtrack. You should play it Katie, it’s -really- good. And out of my friends the all the guys and girls both like it.

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