Monkey D Luffy

Man, yesterday I watched four episodes of One Piece.  It was great.  Gohan’s voice was used as the main, and then that one kid from Sgt Frog was the enemy.  It’s true, good voices are really great.  Like Konohamaru = Pikachu, and Naruto= Lambo, and Kakashi= some dude from Gravitation E).  That’d be awesome to see the voice actors some day.  Anyways, I like how One Piece has a happy setting, yet is cool at the same time.  It still doesn’t beat Naruto fights though.  Some fighting ones have weird fighting I noticed, where they just like hit the guy one time with a sword and they’re dead or something.  I like Naruto because it has suspense and the fighting is well planned out and the attacks have cool names.  Dragon Ball Z was the same.  When I used to watch it, like I guess I was 11-12, I used to but my hands up in the shower (towards the water head of course) and then pretend that the water hitting my hands was the ball forming as I shouted “Kamehamaha”!     Gosh I gotta stop writing weird posts! This is why you should be on messenger Miyu, so we don’t have prof of our weirdness!  O___O Anyways, One Piece is really good at leaving you hanging at the end.  I do wish they’d draw out more of the scenese though, I noticed the pics don’t move much. >: (


P.S. Boo, since you’re reading this, when are we watching again? 😀


5 comments on “Monkey D Luffy

  1. mooimmapiggy says:

    I’ve wanted to watch One Piece again! 8D abd there’s always email! No proof of weirdness? Uhh, who was the one that took screenies and POSTED here!

  2. Boo says:

    I loved the manga! I remember the day the anime first aired, I was all excited. Then I heard Luffy’s voice and I never watched/read One Piece again! Gohan’s voice is my ALL-TIME favorite English voice actor so now I’m THRILLED!!! 8D Can’t wait to watch THE WHOLE series! (Also Zoro is Giroro, JUST SAYING)

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