On my test, one of the questions asked me to define a term.  It was worth three points.  “Aedeagus”.  Has anyone heard this term before?  I looked through my notes after the test, and it turns out I didn’t write the term down.  Why? Because he mentioned it briefly in passing as a joke.  Apparently this term that is of trivial importance to what we were studying is roughly equivalent to an insect penis.  SCREW YOU TEACHER.  You docked me off three points for that?!  This is why I didn’t write that down.  It’s not even relevant!

Over the years, I have learned, that many of the points that I miss on the exams are because of some cruddy things that my teachers do that they think are funny, but really just suck.  For instance, last semester I had a question that was about the cortical homunculus.  (You’ve probably all seen it or heard of it before in some science class, if not, it’s this thing:)

(This pic only has one half of it, otherwise it looks like that with another half flipped horizontally.)  Well anyways, the question asked what this looked like.  The answers were like Queen something something, Mick Jagger, an umbrella, etc..  Well, in the text and in class, people often refer to it as an umbrella, so I thought that was the easy answer.  WRONG.  Correct answer: Mick Jagger.  IDEK WHO THAT IS.

Another time, we had a lab practical.  I didn’t really study for this one.  All the things we looked at in lab that looked like noodles were typically testis, since many of the smaller organisms just had reproductive organs and got nutrients from their hosts so they didn’t need organs to break food down.  So for my exam, I wrote down testis for three of the blanks.  Only one was actually correct.

In English classes they always say that the stories have a sexual motif, the teacher is in love with the slave from the book, etc.  I always got it marked wrong when I’d put anything besides that.  So finally we had to do a commentary about fish.  One fish was pearly white and pregnant, and like some other fish were like green or something.  I was like, “Aha, jackpot! This should be easy!’ and so naturally, I wrote this is about the white fish being like symbolism for how reproductive it was and how the white represented how it was untouchable for the green ones who were filled with envy, etc.  WRONG AGAIN.  This one was about the economy apparently!  “It’s all your interpretation” my bottom! >: (

Lesson learned:  Teachers are liars!  If you don’t write down something about reproduction it’s wrong!  If you do, it’s wrong AND you look like a sicko!



21 comments on “Aedeagus

  1. Aililll says:

    Wait so let me get this straight, the answer to everything in your life to date has been penis? How liberal! Good for you!

    *** for all eyes except Katie’s ***
    Guys FYI if I’m reading this right Katie’s like a superslut LET’S GOSSIP ABOUT THIS

  2. mooimmapiggy says:

    I’ve never had that happen. . . one of our teachers got mad when we used her joke in the test. (maybe play mad) Julius FREAKIN’ Caesar

  3. dash-cohen says:

    YEAH they do do that a lot turn everything around to make it about sex dont they lol. Mass point deduction what I concur! I wouldn’t be surprised if all of these teachers were just paid to be horny like their all sweaty and they cant freakin control their libidos its horrendous.

    • thechubbit says:

      Yeah, I bet it’s because they couldn’t pass the exams to whatever they really wanted to be, so they just got stuck being teachers.

    • mooimmapiggy says:

      I haven’t had this teacher yet, but I heard one of them in my school was like all perverted and turns everything to sex O____O English teacher too.

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