Manga Preview

Hopefully I’ll have it posted by Saturday, if not, Sunday.  Please look forward to it, but not so much that you’ll be disappointed in it.  Also, please don’t expect too much and don’t be so critical of the poorly drawn characters (I have feelings too >____>)  -Besides, this is my second grade teacher’s fault, if anything.  She taught us to write with our papers slanted, so that our writing had a slant.  Now I can’t even write straight, nonetheless draw straight.  Oh, and it’s partly my fifth grade teacher’s fault too for not stopping me from playing with my eyes during her boring classes.  Now my glasses are like an inch thick and make a glare in my paper.-  White lies would greatly be appreciated, so please prepare some of those.  Hopefully it doesn’t turn out too badly.


In the meantime, you guys can look at this:

(P.S.  You can stop staring now.)


17 comments on “Manga Preview

  1. Aililll says:

    MAN your eyes are messed up? Suddenly your hjk obsession makes sense!

    I am preparing white lies as we speak, here are some samples. Are you prepared to feel awesome?

    – Not bad!
    – I love how you got preschoolers to do the artwork!
    – This is like the second worst thing I’ve ever seen!
    – It’s like jersey shore… in MANGA!
    – I wish I could draw like you!

    … Let me know if any of these make it sound like I’m just sucking up.

    …. Actually the jersey shore thing would be KIND OF AWESOME

    • thechubbit says:

      You think so? Yeah, if he’s beautiful even with my messed up eyes, you guys must be drooling about how he looks without messed up eye! 😮 And thanks ail, I ALREADY feel awesome from these white lies! 8D I feel bad for whoever made the first worst one you’ve seen. 😀

  2. mooimmapiggy says:


    P.S. I’m still staring

  3. dash-cohen says:

    Awesome I can’t wait :)! I think yours is the only one I haven’t seen.

  4. Boo says:

    My teacher also told me to slant my paper when I write. Since my eyes are slanted the other way, it all looks straight to me. This is the only good advice I have ever gotten from a teacher.

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