Manga help

Okies, so I have two mangas now that I want to do.  One is about poor kids who have to do weird jobs to survive and the other is kind of like a group of hitmen who have to kill someone.    O    3    O  What do you think?


29 comments on “Manga help

  1. Boo says:


  2. Aililll says:

    Decision making 101: Flip a coin!

    The outcome of the coin toss is not o much relevant as the fact that while the coin is in the air, you realise which side you’re hoping it lands on.

    I know which one I want you to choose, but I agree with boo, you should decide

  3. mooimmapiggy says:

    the kid one is different but I’d need more info on the hitman one to decide

  4. dash-cohen says:

    Oops looks like I got here too late…but poor kids +1

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