WHERE DID THE TIME GO?  At this rate I don’t think I’ll finish till next weekend!   X____X  Sorry guys  I gotta wait till next weekend to finish.  I have a paper due tomorrow and I haven’t started. I’m nowhere near done!   X______X Why am I so slooooow?  Also, look at this puppy I found, HUGE EYEBROWS! O___O


9 comments on “FAIL

  1. mooimmapiggy says:

    Don’t take it out on the puppy!
    But goodluck on your paper and it better be next week!

  2. dash-cohen says:

    Dw there is always next time. Here’s a tip put it away and do your homework first and whatever you do don’t try to work on your manga. That makes you want to work on it even more then the next day you can spend the whole day on it coz you will miss it. Then put the puppy there and it will motivate you for next time.

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