Ravenwood Fair

Remember when I was obsessed with Farmville, and Boo was like, “omg, what a loser, why would you want to play Farmville?”  Ohoho, how the tables have turned.  rlyplz  Who’s now into facebook games?  *obsessed.  Here’s a clue, check out a little chinket girl’s page.  (If you have any other little chinket girls besides her on your fb, that’ CREEPY)  *SFX* Drumroll… Introducing…

Boo’s new obsession! (-and, I, of course, just tagged along)  While you’re drawing your manga, you can simultaneously make your own fair! 😀 Come guys, so we can be neighbors!  So far, Andy, Boo, Regg, and I are playing it!  Come join us! (And play the sword game too!)

P.S.  Miyu, I tried to find that game you told me about but, I couldn’t find the name in all of the blogs.  What was it called again?


32 comments on “Ravenwood Fair

  1. Aililll says:

    This just confirms you are BOTH losers!

    Also Andy and Regg are now losers too, I’m disappointed I thought you guys were cool.

  2. mooimmapiggy says:

    It’s called “Words With Friends” and COOL! but Reggie was the hipster! He’s been playing since LAST YEAR -tsk tsk- I’m scared to play because andy, ail, dash, and others might hunt me down.

  3. Boo says:

    I’m confused!

  4. Aililll says:

    Regarding Words With Friends, THIS is what I have to say:


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