Ditto to Boo’s post.  Give me a little more time.  I had lots of ppl distracting me today.  First boo with her Ravenwood.  Then I had to talk to my little cousin from the Philippines, since he’s never on.  Then I got distracted by Miyu’s word games.  Then Ail distracted me with word games.  Then Boo again with her Ravenwood.  Then I had to eat.  Then my characters turned crosseyed.  Please guys.  Just a little more time.  I have two of the pics done.  Just need three more.  (I redid the two from last time).


12 comments on “Ditto

  1. Boo says:


    • thechubbit says:

      NU UH READ MY LAST WEEK’S POST! YOU COPIED ME! (JK, I’ll stay up tonight guys. I really will have it done! I have their songs already, all but one, and uniforms, and hair)

  2. mooimmapiggy says:

    I just decided not to put character pictures O____O I’m already short on time!

    • thechubbit says:

      O_____O dangit, I already started mine

    • thechubbit says:

      Ok, Miyu, I’m done drawing and inking my pics. I just need to color and make a logo. Idk why it’s taking me so long. O___O It seems to take me a long time to do a lots of things that people do in a third or less of the time. Maybe I have ADD or something, you think? O___O That would explain lots of stuff. Anyways, I have a test on Thursday and a paper Friday, but I seriously will have it done by this weekend. Don’t give up hope, Miyu! Believe! (Man if this was the pokemon movie and it said Molly after believe, Rafe would be bawling)

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