Secondhand Serenade

OH MAN.  Last night we went to a concert.  It was AWESOME.  Secondhand serenade performed with Parachute opening for them.  It’s weird, because Secondhand Serenade was one of my top favorite alternative rock bands.  This is my favorite song by them (which they didn’t play, but they played one of Enrique’s songs with Enrique’s accent which was pretty sweet).

At first we almost had to sit in the second row, but then my classmate moved over and luckily we got to sit in the very front.  Good thing we did, or I don’t think our experience would’ve been the same at all.  I got a few souvenirs, like one of the bouncy balls that they threw in the air, and I got the white play list sheet that Parachute wrote (I think, at least they were looking at it).  I almost got a Parachute pick, because I was looking at the singer then something hit my shoulder and fell to the ground.  Then when I looked down I realized it was a pick.  I wanted to get it but a whole group of girls dived in to get it.  DARN MY SLOW REACTION.  Anyways,  Parachute was pretty cool.  They high-fived all of us.  I got high-fived twice (once each time he passed through the front)!  Nothing, however could compare to Boo’s experience.

Some douche shouted at Secondhand Serenade to go home.  He told them to f’ off.  Then he dashed forward and pretended to kick the audience.  Boo was right in front of him and I think she flinched or something because it looked like he was aiming at her.  No one would believe what happened next.  He noticed her and he bent down and HUGGED HER!  THE LEADER OF SECONDHAND SERENADE HUGGED MY SISTER IN THE MIDDLE OF A CONCERT!  HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?  Hold on, it gets better.  My other sister, Rafe, was videotaping it.  She backed up a little so she could get a better view of it, and he noticed the camera and actually waved and said “hi” to the Rafe’s camera!  (This also extended the hug time.)  IT WAS AWESOME!  This probably wouldn’t have happened if we weren’t in the front.  Good thing we waited hours before the concert to get in front!  It was definitely worth it!  Secondhand Serenade is the COOLEST!

(We played the tape again we we got home, and it stopped after he pretended to kick at boo and then you see his knees bend and it stops.  I should have recorded the concert too.  Man, there goes a once in a lifetime opportunity.





5 comments on “Secondhand Serenade

  1. mooimmapiggy says:

    COOL! How did Boo feel? 8D You should’ve pretended to get kicked too, so you can get a hug!

  2. dash-cohen says:

    WOWZA. Wow he is not an ugly man. I could dream about a boy like this.

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