Yeah.. I’m gonna get a new logo soon.  Deathwish, as the name implies, is about a wish to die. More specifically, the main girl’s wish to die (well, I guess it’s not so specific since I have no name for her yet).  Usually if someone wants to commit suicide they would do it right away, Girl however has not committed suicide in the past 10 years that she has been planning to.  She is a devout Catholic, who, despite wanting to die, still wants to go to heaven.  Maybe Hell’s too hot for her?  Pampered much?  Either way, Kaz, the son of Satan, himself is going to give her a visit to make sure she goes through with it this time.  However, Kaz is not alone.  Lyon, his right-hand man, made a deal with the devil, saying that he could kill the girl first. Who will kill her first?  Read to see what tricks these two hitmen have up their sleeves.


4 comments on “Deathwish

  1. mooimmapiggy says:

    I LIKE THIS! 8D I can’t wait to read yours! And the drawings are SOOO pretty! I’m unmotivated now! Is this the story you’re doing? Because it sounded less interesting when you described it at first. Now it’s like WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN?

  2. dash-cohen says:

    Wow your guyses so thought out! I will have to rethink mine over again.

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