I have a really big test on Wednesday, but after then I’ll be on msn, k, Miyu?


Bucket List

I’ve been thinking about it, and I haven’t really done anything to improve myself over the years.  I have lots of wishes and wants, but I always say, “I’ll get to it later,” or, “I’m too busy for it right now.”  But what if tomorrow never comes?  You don’t know how long you’re going to live, and if you’ll be happy dying tomorrow, based on what you’ve accomplished so far.  Therefore, my new thing will be one thing a year to better myself.  It won’t be something simple like walk up the stairs today, but something long term that will last me a year.  By the time I’m 100 then, I’ll have almost 100 things that I’ve done that I can proudly look back on and say I did.  I don’t have a whole list yet, but I have a few things that I want to do.

  1. Learn to play the guitar
  2. Learn Korean
  3. Learn Japanese
  4. Learn to cook
  5. Learn to paint, and make a realistic drawing that looks like a photo
  6. Learn to swim
  7. Be good at a sport
  8. Travel, live in an Asian country for a year (after I learn Japanese or Korean)
  9. Get into dental school (study really hard for the DAT, improve my grades, try to get good recommendations, volunteer a lot, be involved in the community)
  10. Make a manga
  11. Dress better
  12. Build something (either really big, or something small like a whole town out of toothpicks, with working parts like a clock tower with a watch with the bands taken off, and then get those cool miniature things from Michaels)
  13. Grow a mango tree (this should be done soon so that I can eat fresh mangoes by the time I’m old)

These are what I have so far off the top of my head.  I think it’s good for everyone to have a bucket list so that they can improve themselves.  What are your guys’ bucket lists?


 Name: Miyu

Last seen: February

Last words: “Katie, I’ll invite you to a game of wordplay”

(either that or)

“Katie, I’ll always love you.  Don’t worry, I won’t leave you.  I would never leave you.”

Possible reasons why:

1.)  Aliens mistook her for a Dora the Explorer and wanted a souvenir.

2.)  She fell in the toilet and can’t get out.  (I told you to hold on to the sink, Miyu!)

3.)  She’s making a really great manga plot that will shock the world.

4.)  She’s become a closet perv and is afraid to see the world again

5.)  She forgot how to tie her shoelaces, tripped, and is lost somewhere because she can’t get up

6.)  She left MSN and said that she would keep in touch on Word  Press but hasn’t written a post in the past forever (yes, this is a real unit of time).