Name: Miyu

Last seen: February

Last words: “Katie, I’ll invite you to a game of wordplay”

(either that or)

“Katie, I’ll always love you.  Don’t worry, I won’t leave you.  I would never leave you.”

Possible reasons why:

1.)  Aliens mistook her for a Dora the Explorer and wanted a souvenir.

2.)  She fell in the toilet and can’t get out.  (I told you to hold on to the sink, Miyu!)

3.)  She’s making a really great manga plot that will shock the world.

4.)  She’s become a closet perv and is afraid to see the world again

5.)  She forgot how to tie her shoelaces, tripped, and is lost somewhere because she can’t get up

6.)  She left MSN and said that she would keep in touch on Word  Press but hasn’t written a post in the past forever (yes, this is a real unit of time).


6 comments on “Missing

  1. Aililll says:


    only today I was thinking of something and I thought “I should tell miyu that” and then I thought “THINKING OF MIYU WHERE IS SHE”

    We need a search party! I WILL BRING SNACKS

  2. Boo says:

    YOU GUYS, obviously she’s getting ready for tomorrow, tomorrow is the BIG day, you know… THE BIG DAY

  3. mooimmapiggy says:

    Let me help! I’m Detective Miyu! I can find anyone! 8D

    (but I tried inviting you, apparently you didn’t get it. Then I was going to just go back to FB one, but then I was piled with school work and tests and didn’t have time for distractions)

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