Speedball Ink!

Yeah, the picture looks funny because the wrinkles are off and he’s like anorexic, but I was in a hurry because I really wanted to try out my new ink pen!  That’s right!  A REAL inking pen! rlyplz!  You know…?  -the kind that you dip in REAL INK!   I’ve always wanted one since I was little, but then I was like, it’s probably a waste since it’ll be all leaky and stuff.  (I thought it would be like paint from a paintbrush.)  Surprisingly though, it was pretty easy to use.  Well, as you can see from my pic, I did have some problems.  I shouldn’t have started on the face, that’s for sure.  Overall though, I don’t think it came out that badly.  ALSO, I didn’t have to retrace the lines after I scanned it like I did for those other inking pens that don’t use the dipping ink.  The ink actually feels like paint when it’s dry and it dries pretty quickly.  That’s good because it came off my hands easily and it didn’t smudge.

Well, there you go.  My first Speedball ink drawing! 😀

P.S. If I don’t respond to posts in a while it’s because I have finals and am addicted to Korean shows again.


P.P.S  Heechul’s coming back in 2013!  Isn’t that exciting! rlyplz


22 comments on “Speedball Ink!

  1. mooimmapiggy says:

    COOL! I’m using cheapo inking pens. O_____O I always thought I would just smudge everything and it’s be ruined . . . like painting! but apparently not O____O You’re drawings are sooo nice! I haven’t even gotten a hang of drawing my own characters yet. I need to start a drawing boot camp!

    P.S. which Korean shows?

    • thechubbit says:

      OMG HI MIYU! I’m just browsing through a couple new ones I’ve found, like 5000 Questions and Star King, then some of the old ones, but with different guests like Intimnate Note, X Man, Star Golden Bell, and Happy Together. Oh man, I remember now why I thought Siwon was funny xD. Heechul and the other band members always talk about how much he likes skinship xD. Idk if that’s good or bad, just thought it’d be interesting for you. 😀

      • mooimmapiggy says:

        YEAH, I HEARD THAT! They also make fun of him because of his hand motions. . . and how he gets ready in the morning . . . and his Don’t Don dance. >_____> They make fun of him a lot!

      • thechubbit says:

        lol, ikr? who are your top favs so far?

        So far I like:
        1.) Heechul (of course)
        2.) Kibum (idk, but have you seen him SMILE?)
        3.) Donghae (sometimes reminds me of hjk)
        4.) Kangin (not pretty, just entertaining)
        5.) Hangeng (only when he’s with heechul)
        6.) Eunhyuk (it’s funny how pitiful he is)

      • mooimmapiggy says:

        I haven’t seen a LOT of them, but so far I like:

        1.) Siwon (OF COURSE.)
        2.) Kyuhyun (He’s pretty sometimes and I love his singing)
        3.) Donghae (I like this one facial expression of his)
        3. Heechul (I saw how PRETTY he is in the movie. XD)
        4.) Henry (from Super Junior M because he’s CANADIAN. and he can rap and play violin)
        5.) Zhou Mi (Super Junior M because of his one part on Perfection O____O)

        The ordering might not be that accurate (except for Siwon). Have you seen the movie with everyone except for Kyuhyun and Zhou Mi in it called Attack of the Pin-Up Boys? I LOVED Heechul in that! 8D

        Actually, I need to watch more variety shows because I don’t think I really know their personalities beside Siwon. I got these results from music videos. We should watch Korean variety shows together!

      • thechubbit says:

        We should! I haven’t seen Atk of the Pin-up Boys yet. (It think I’ve seen clips though from some fanmade vids). I only know their personalities from things with Heechul, and Kangin and Hangeng seem to be the closest to Heechul, so I get to know their personalities more. That’s weird, because I’ve never seen Henry or Zhoumi really with Suju. Then I looked up Henry, and that’s the kid I was going to tell you matched you earlier that I saw perform a that Jack Johnson song on an episode of Strongheart. (I think it was Strongheart, I’m not sure which show but it was when you were looking for a Korean idol).
        Yeah, a lot of people like Kyuhyun. He was absent in episodes 1-6 of EHB so I haven’t really gotten to see his personality. I have a great clip that I’ll search for to show you after my exams though! 8D

      • thechubbit says:

        OH, right! No wonder I don’t see them. Heechul’s not in Suju M.

      • thechubbit says:

        Weird I looked at the perfection mv. Is it only in Chinese? xD They sound so weird in Chinese.

      • thechubbit says:

        MAN MIYU! YOU LIED TO ME!!! YOU SAID THE MOVIE WAS COOL ;_______; I like watching them, but I never wanted to see the members like (that)! Why did the plot have to be about (that)? It was disturbing, but I couldn’t stop watching b/c of the Suju cast. : (
        Poor Leeteuk. They didn’t even show his face!
        Why was Donghae’s personality like that if he was pretending to be himself?
        Also, it’s weird that Kibum looks like a nice person. He’s usually mean and a little arrogant. I just think it’s funny though that he barely talks and a bunch of people hit on him and then he has to look for ways to reject them:

      • mooimmapiggy says:

        Oops I numbered wrong >____>

      • mooimmapiggy says:

        Henry kinda remind me of Andy! O____O I think because he’s Chinese Canadian.YEAH, I’ve heard SO MUCH about KyuHyun. It wasn’t until this one music video that I liked him because I really got to hear his voice. I don’t know which member Siwon is close to, but I know Donghae is usually the one to imitate him in all the shows. Probably him? I don’t think I’ve really watched a variety show with them >_____>

      • thechubbit says:

        Maybe he’s cool, I haven’t seen him too much yet. Did you start watching EHB yet? rlyplz

      • thechubbit says:

        Miyu, miyu!!! Did you get to episode 8 yet?! xD it’s sooo cute/funny! xD (The ending esp)

  2. mooimmapiggy says:

    I’ve been busy lately! (all while I’m procrastinating right now >____>) I totally forgot the Suju movie summary, I just remembered Siwon and Heechul. BUT I NEVER SAID IT WAS GOOD. It was pretty gross! I just told you I liked Heechul there! He kept making cute faces in the alley when he wanted to get hit XD AND HIS DANCING!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Very clean lines- good job!

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