Miyu, I found it!

You’re right Miyu!  I finally found the look that I think you’ve been talking about (the one that Donghae has)!  Is it this one?:

(at 3:16)


9 comments on “Miyu, I found it!

  1. mooimmapiggy says:

    No It’s not! (if I’m seeing the right one) He has this scrunched up face I see in some videos. I’m like “Man, I can’t tell who’s who . . . OH! That’s Donghae!” and TO BE HONEST, I only watch like the first minute of Suju videos because like they made a joke of this once. Siwon usually sings first and is shown because he pulls the girls in with his handsomeness BUT IT’S TOTALLY TRUE! I will find one with the Donghae scrunched face though.

    • mooimmapiggy says:

      Okay, I relooked at the videos and tried to make like a collage of it and it turned out the faces weren’t actually the same >___> BUT whenever Donghae makes a face I RECOGNIZE HIM! Even in the Don’t Don dance where I didn’t really recognize Siwon. O___O I think it might be Donghae doing something with his eyebrows. I WILL MAKE A COLLAGE THOUGH. To see why I recognize him.

    • thechubbit says:

      lol! rlyplz, did you see it though?! He’s not even singing there, but they let him in the shot to do that face! 8D I wanna see the scrunched up face! -and yeah, that’s totally true! I usually have to search hard for heechul’s 10 sec of the clip, if even! He can sing all of his parts in 39 sec altogether!

      • mooimmapiggy says:

        Yeah! I like his face here too 8D Were you able to look at my blog thingy? I don’t know how this privacy thing works

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