Ouch, I’ve heard HJK sing in English, but I always forget that SuJu can’t speak English.  I wonder if they sound like this in Korean too but we just can’t tell because we don’t speak Korean.  >_____>  Kyuhyun has a nice voice and seems like he’s trying.  Lol, but then you get to people like  Yesung and Sungmin, and they’re just making weird noises I think O____O  Lol, Heechul doesn’t even sing and is pretending to orchestrate something.

This one I thought was kind of cute though.  Even though Eunhyuk has a accent, he’s so happy and keeps smiling.  😀



Kermit can’t be cuter than this! >:D

Lol, let’s play muppet/sesame street off.  Show a cute clip of your favorite muppet/sesame street character.  Then the next person has to top it with a cuter one of theirs and so on 8D rlyplz