How to Be Happy

I was looking something up on Bing and something interesting caught my eye after I typed “how to” in the box.  The first search thing said “How to be happy”.  These were Wiki’s suggestions.


8 comments on “How to Be Happy

  1. mooimmapiggy says:

    I have to work on trusting my gut! Because I overanalyze things then I forgot what my gut said. O_____O


    • thechubbit says:

      Me too! I always take too long deciding things and then waste time. O____O
      You’re RIGHT! Let’s converse in DEEP THOUGHTS! We should have serious discussions once in a while.

  2. dash-cohen says:

    Am all of those things. Except 3, 6, & 8. But still unhappy O_O

  3. celysus says:

    I agree with number 7! That one works pretty dang well.

    • thechubbit says:

      That’s a little creepy O____O You just smile randomly? >____> jk jk that’s TOTALLY normal ( 😀

      • celysus says:

        Yes of course I do o_o I smile as wide as I possibly can and write “SMILE” in crooked letters on my desk. And I breath. very. deeply. and stare. for hours. smiling.

    • thechubbit says:

      Oh man. This totally DOES work. I tried this for like five hours (no lie), but you have to write it on your forehead, not the desk. Then you stare in the mirror and you can’t stop smiling! O____O

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