Ouch, I’ve heard HJK sing in English, but I always forget that SuJu can’t speak English.  I wonder if they sound like this in Korean too but we just can’t tell because we don’t speak Korean.  >_____>  Kyuhyun has a nice voice and seems like he’s trying.  Lol, but then you get to people like  Yesung and Sungmin, and they’re just making weird noises I think O____O  Lol, Heechul doesn’t even sing and is pretending to orchestrate something.

This one I thought was kind of cute though.  Even though Eunhyuk has a accent, he’s so happy and keeps smiling.  😀


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  1. mooimmapiggy says:

    XD I think Kyuhyun sounds best in English or maybe he just has the best voice and the Eunhyuk one was cute! I think including the ones from Suju M, Henry is the only one that can really speak English but that’s because he came from Canada.

    I know Siwon knows conversational English, but he still has that accent. O____O (and he’s REALLY pretty to look at here) I thought Donghae was doing the harmony at 0:57 and thought his English was FANTASTIC, but I guess not >___> Kyuhyun is the one singing the high notes here.

    • thechubbit says:

      x___x Henry has such a baby face. I guess b/c he’s so young. They have good voices but I thought Siwon was singing in Korean for a bit. If you haven’t watched Full House yet, you should watch this episode. It’s about speaking English, and they have to use different tactics to pass through the fake airport xD

      After you watch Fullhouse, I think Donghae becomes more of a favorite. Donghae and Eunhyuk have definitely gone up on my list.

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