Ouch, I’ve heard HJK sing in English, but I always forget that SuJu can’t speak English.  I wonder if they sound like this in Korean too but we just can’t tell because we don’t speak Korean.  >_____>  Kyuhyun has a nice voice and seems like he’s trying.  Lol, but then you get to people like  Yesung and Sungmin, and they’re just making weird noises I think O____O  Lol, Heechul doesn’t even sing and is pretending to orchestrate something.

This one I thought was kind of cute though.  Even though Eunhyuk has a accent, he’s so happy and keeps smiling.  😀


Kermit can’t be cuter than this! >:D

Lol, let’s play muppet/sesame street off.  Show a cute clip of your favorite muppet/sesame street character.  Then the next person has to top it with a cuter one of theirs and so on 8D rlyplz

Speedball Ink!

Yeah, the picture looks funny because the wrinkles are off and he’s like anorexic, but I was in a hurry because I really wanted to try out my new ink pen!  That’s right!  A REAL inking pen! rlyplz!  You know…?  -the kind that you dip in REAL INK!   I’ve always wanted one since I was little, but then I was like, it’s probably a waste since it’ll be all leaky and stuff.  (I thought it would be like paint from a paintbrush.)  Surprisingly though, it was pretty easy to use.  Well, as you can see from my pic, I did have some problems.  I shouldn’t have started on the face, that’s for sure.  Overall though, I don’t think it came out that badly.  ALSO, I didn’t have to retrace the lines after I scanned it like I did for those other inking pens that don’t use the dipping ink.  The ink actually feels like paint when it’s dry and it dries pretty quickly.  That’s good because it came off my hands easily and it didn’t smudge.

Well, there you go.  My first Speedball ink drawing! 😀

P.S. If I don’t respond to posts in a while it’s because I have finals and am addicted to Korean shows again.


P.P.S  Heechul’s coming back in 2013!  Isn’t that exciting! rlyplz